Zlob Modular SVF

Zlob Modular SVF

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The SVF is a 4hp 2 pole 12dB State Variable Filter Eurorack Module available as a Eurorack DIY Kit or Built Module.

It provides Low Pass, Band Pass, and High Pass outs inspired by WASP and Thomas Henry filter topologies. The filter has 2 audio inputs, but channel 2 is jumper selectable between standard audio in or Ping-able operation. The 2019 revision also adds improved cutoff and resonance response and attenuversion through the ACV IN using the above pot. CV IN provides another unattenuated voltage input to modulate the frequency.

At the CV in, +10v will open the filter completely if the cutoff pot is CCW(counter clockwise). With the cutoff knob at noon the filter can be opened with +5v or closed with -5v. CV input at the ACV in is dependent on the CV attenuverter knob.

There are also several jumper selectable modes for max resonance, self oscillation or no oscillation based on the setting of the resonance pot. According to the jumper configuration, the filter is capable of clinical and clean, to juicy and drippy, to low pass gate sounding plonks, to screaming chaotic resonance. When set to self oscillation mode, the filter can produce a sine like wave with no input and a trapezoid like wave in the max resonance jumper setting. In max resonance mode, the filter output can exceed 10Vpp. On the newest version, there is a trimmer on the top pcb to set the lowest cutoff frequency. With resonance at 0(fully CCW) and with the frequency up the filter will self oscillate in some modes/situations.

Width: 4hp
Panel Material: PCB
Reverse power protected
Current Consumption: +12v: 15mA max, -12v: 15mA max
Depth: 46mm
Ships with M3 black nylon screws
Build Difficulty: Intermediate
Expandable: no?

Condition: New

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