Ritual Electronics Crime II

Ritual Electronics Crime II

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Crime is an expander for Miasma. It lets you chose from 6 different diodes combinations to color your distortion. It also adds an active low pass filter and a resonant high pass filter to Miasma’s core.

There are 6 diodes combinations you can chose from using the first 6-position rotary switch. We have selected 5 diodes and LEDs pairings, some symmetrical, some asymmetrical.

The sixth position is up to you. It features the same solderless header as on Miasma. This can also mean no diodes for extra harshness.

New to this version are two filters and a dedicated output.

The Low Pass Filter in the distortion core can help tame high frequencies, specially when Miasma’s feedback start to squeal.

The High Pass Filter is slightly resonant and works wonders whether it is to clean the low end or to create ear piercing noises.

The Crime Output bypasses Miasma’s Blend and other stages of the circuitry for a super raw and intense signal.

Crime connects to Miasma with an included cable. It replaces the diodes in Miasma‘s female header. This way you won’t have to take Miasma out of your case to change diodes and explore new distortion flavours.

Condition: New

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