Humble Audio Algo Expander

Humble Audio Algo Expander

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Expander for Quad Operator's Algorithm Functionality

Where the unexpanded Quad Operator maintains a one knob per function design discipline, we nevertheless recognized the value of some more advanced algorithm-oriented functionality.

The Algo expander for the Quad Operator provides:

Saving and loading of modulation send knob positions for FM algorithm design reuse
Crossfade between pairs of saved algorithms, or a saved algorithm and the live knob positions

Current consumption:

Quad Operator Standalone: +12V: 140mA, -12V: 13mA
With Algo: +12V: 145mA, -12V: 13mA
Quad Operator: 30HP
Algo expander: 4HP
Depth: 25mm
Firmware upgradeable

Condition: New

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