Animal Factory Godeater

Animal Factory Godeater

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This pedal has unparalleled low-end saturation. Unlike other bass distortion pedals that neuter your low end, the Godeater was born out of the idea that you should not need to blend in the clean signal to keep the lows intact. Boasting a wide range of clipping textures, drive that can go from a mild grunt to all-out wall-of-fuzz and a very musical tone control, the Godeater might be the last fuzztortion you look for.
If your interests go beyond 4/5/6 strings, fear not. Godeater's intact low-end is a boon for downtuned guitar, doom/sludge/desert rock, or for bass-heavy synths and - you guessed it - drum machines! Or be like some of our power users and run the Godeater in your mixer's master buss for fat, voluminous saturation.

The changes to the 2020 version of Godeater include the following:

Bigger box!
Dedicated dry output that can be upgraded to an optional floating balanced out (on TRS) with higher headroom (18V circuit). This upgrade can be retrofitted by the user in the future as well, no soldering required and provided we have stocks.
The clipping switches have been replaced by potentiometers, allowing you to sweep seamlessly between diode and LED clipping.
Goodbye to the clacky 3PDT switch! The 2020 edition features soft-switched relay true bypass for greatly improved reliability and silent operation.

Condition: New

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