Tiptop Audio Tape Echo ZDSP Cartridge

Tiptop Audio Tape Echo ZDSP Cartridge

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Tiptop Audio Tape Echo for Z-DSP Design by: Tiptop Audio Type: Z-DSP Effects Card Character: Analog Tape Echo, Dub, Slapback, Feedback Delay Trails

TAPE ECHO by Tiptop Audio brings classic tape based delays to the Z-DSP effects library. Eight expressive algorithms which emulate analog tape machines and the producers that inspire Tiptop Audio.

With Tape Echo you can do it all—recreate space echo dub sound of Lee “Scratch” Perry and King Tubby or dig deep into the gritty and endless saturated repeats favored by dub experimenters like Basic Channel and Boards of Canada.

So wide in its functionality, playability and natural in its sound, Tape Echo sits comfortably amongst the greats of the Roland RE-201 Space Echo, Copycat and Maestro Echoplex all while having a unique character of its own.

From wobbly tape to stereo pong, Tape Echo comes with a multitude of expressive settings and presets that allow you to recreate virtually any style of analog echo or magnetic tape delay or invent your own sound when you adjust the fidelity of the Z-DSP clock!

Tape Echo for the Tiptop Audio Z-DSP is a joy to use. Precision control of the Frequency, Filter and Feedback are clear to read with the Z-DSP display, plus corresponding controls make setting delay times by ear easy and fun to do like it’s predecessors.

Condition: New

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