Korg Electribe ER-1 MKII R (Pre-Owned)

Korg Electribe ER-1 MKII R (Pre-Owned)

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Korg ER-1 mk2 Electribe R
Now the definitive table-top analog synth that delivers uniquely creative sounds is loaded with new synthesis possibilities, fresh sounds and patterns.

The intuitively designed Electribe R mkII is packed with fat, innovative sounds produced by DSP synthesis technology, a classic interface for creating beats and tweaking them in realtime, and the ultimate array of up-to-date dance styles.


An amazing rhythm machine with a cool new look!

Many new patterns representing the latest dance styles

Powerful Cross Modulation adds a new dimension to your sounds

Audio Input function can be used to rhythmically gate two incoming signals for cool effects

Step Sequencer for easy input of patterns

"Motion Sequence function records knob movements

Low Boost and Delay effects

Tap Tempo and MIDI Clock for synchronizing with an external sequencer, etc.

An awesome analog beat box
The ElectribeR mkII is a new generation of rhythm machine that is enhanced by spontaneous knob-based editing of analog drums and sound effects. After you create your ultimate sounds, you can use the ElectribeR mkII's internal step-sequencer to create original rhythms. Sound editing is simple; just turn the knobs to adjust the various elements of the sound. You can use the onboard sounds in conjunction with the external audio input to create unconventional rhythms that have never been heard before.

Cross Mod creates aggressive new sounds
A new cross modulation function (replacing the previous Ring Mod) can be applied to percussion synthesizers 1 and 2 to take your DSP drum sounds into bold new timbral areas. Use it in combination with the motion sequence function to create unimaginably extreme sounds.

Use external audio with your grooves
You can also run two external sounds into the ER-1mkII. They can each be rhythmically gated in tempo with your music using the same simple step key interface. By using the knobs to modify the level, duration and panning of these external sounds, you can create truly unique and experimental rhythms.

Step record with ease
The ElectribeR mkII's step sequencer lets you use the 16 pad keys to make rhythms from the sounds you create. Since you can hear the results as well as see them while you step-record, you can instinctively create cool patterns.

Add motion to your mix
Knob movements you make to edit the sound - such as changing the volume of parts, or opening/closing the filter - can be recorded directly into the sequencer. You can use these to add timbral change to your phrases, panning and other motion-inducing fun. These Motion Sequences are saved in each pattern along with your sounds and phrases.

Amazing new sounds and patterns
The mkII also boasts a significantly expanded list of new preset patterns that cover every type of dance music from techno, house, trance, two-step, electro, R&B, hip-hop, drum'n'bass, big beat, IDM, trip-hop, and lounge. This broad selection provides you with powerful grooves for your performances and productions.

Take control
You can control the Electribe-R mkII from an external MIDI sequencer, keyboard, sampler, or other device to integrate it into your current production and performance setup.

Condition: Excellent, Pre-Owned

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