Zlob Modular Diode Chaos

Zlob Modular Diode Chaos

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Diode Chaos is a 3hp analog chaotic low frequency voltage generator Eurorack Module available as Eurorack DIY Kit or Built Module.

It is a unique module because it has never existed as an electronic music instrument until now. The module is based on a circuit from a paper called “A simple chaotic circuit with a light-emitting diode” written by Volos, Wang, Jafari, and Kapitaniak.

Diode Chaos produces 3 phases of interrelated morphing voltages including a chaotic trigger out. The range is 20-30 seconds a cycle up to audio rate, although only the X out and TRIG out go up to audio rate. The frequency is controlled by the RATE knob. Each output exhibits different behavior at different rate settings. X,Y, and Z outs like to stay in the 4vpp range although at different RATE settings the outs can reach 10vpp. The TRIG out chaotically releases 0-10v triggers although sometimes it will spit out smaller voltage peaks.

LED soldermask windows provide constant display of positive and negative voltage crossings.

Some quirks: The circuit can go up to audio rate but only the X out and Trig out can get up that fast. The X out can also briefly exceed 10vpp at full clockwise. Usually, the Z stalls out and the Y will have little activity with the potentiometer at full clockwise. At some faster settings the amplitudes of the outs can go down too. Another important thing to mention is the Trig out(since it is chaotic) is not a standard square/pulse “trigger out” it has a exponential rise and fall to the peak. This means it cannot trigger every single module imaginable because some modules are looking for perfectly sharp squared off rising edges to trigger. For example, the “Trig out” on the Diode Chaos will not work with the “trig in” on Maths, but can work with the “gate in” input.

  • Width: 3hp
  • Panel Material: PCB Panel
  • Reverse Power Protected
  • Current Consumption: +12v: 10mA, -12v: 10mA
  • Depth: 45mm
  • Ships with M3 black nylon screws
  • Build Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate
  • Expandable: no

Condition: New

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