Roland V-Synth XT Rack Mount Digital Synthesizer (Pre-Owned)
Roland V-Synth XT Rack Mount Digital Synthesizer (Pre-Owned)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Roland V-Synth XT Rack Mount Digital Synthesizer (Pre-Owned)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Roland V-Synth XT Rack Mount Digital Synthesizer (Pre-Owned)

Roland V-Synth XT Rack Mount Digital Synthesizer (Pre-Owned)

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  • Next-generation V-Synth in rack/tabletop form
  • V-Rhythm Mode
  • Multi-Step Modulator
  • USB streaming audio & MIDI
  • VC-1 D-50 card & VC-2 Vocal Modeler card pre-installed
  • Standard or Surreal

    The original V-Synth’s factory soundset was a showcase of twisting, bending, otherworldly sounds. But the V-Synth is no one-trick pony, as evidenced by the new batch of unique “playable” patches created by an A-list group of star artists and producers. The patches might sound classic at first touch, but they explode to animated life when modulated. Start on familiar terrain, then hit the launchpad V-Synth style!

  • Sound Shaper

    Experts onboard! The XT’s innovative Sound Shaper function allows you create new sounds with the virtual “know-how” of professional sound designers. By selecting your destination sound type — whether a pad, bass, lead sound, etc. — this macro function guides you quickly through relevant parameters while editing. Complex editing is made easy.

  • Audio Inputs

    The XT provides a variety of input paths for sampling and external-audio processing. You can sample directly into the synth via its audio inputs (XLR and 1/4-inch), you can import samples through USB (WAV and AIF format), or you can feed live audio to the XT for processing in real time. The front-panel Hi-Z input allows the XT to function as a unique and powerful effects rack for guitar or other instruments, the XLR input (with phantom power) allows the XT to be utilized as a full-blown vocoder. USB audio streaming enables computer-aided sound design and additional audio-processing possibilities.

  • Flexible Hardware Design

    Physically speaking, the XT is the most flexible rack unit Roland has ever manufactured. It can be mounted in a rack, where it can be positioned flush or tilted and locked at an angle that best suits your working environment. Or, if you prefer, you can take the XT out of the rack, and place it on a flat surface. Its angled profile is designed to make the XT work perfectly as a standalone tabletop unit. Whether used in a rack or on a tabletap, the XT’s large, color touch-screen display provides luxurious navigation, and its row of eight universal edit knobs makes using the synth fast, friendly, and expressive.

  • VC-1 & VC-2 Built-in

    In addition to its user sampling, elastic-audio manipulation, and analog-synth modeling, the XT comes pre-installed with Roland’s VC-1 (D-50 emulator) and VC-2 (Vocal Designer). It’s like getting two additional instruments for free!

  • VC-1

    The VC-1 transforms the XT into Roland’s legendary D-50 synthesizer. Relive the D-50 in all its glory. Every circuit and precise detail of this legendary synthesizer has been faithfully modeled. It doesn’t just sound like a D-50, it is a D-50.

  • VC-2

    The VC-2 brings advanced vocal modeling to the V-Synth XT platform — from legacy vocoders to massive choir models with a level of expression never before achieved from conventional voice-processing algorithms.

Condition: Very Good, Pre-Owned

Cosmetic scratch on screen, fully functional. 

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