Noise Reap Anomaly

Noise Reap Anomaly

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VCF combined with a broken wavefolder

Anomaly is a VCF combined with a broken wavefolder. Create textural oblivion, occult sputterings, and rarefied musings.

BAD Output:
BAD might stand for bonkers asymmetric distortion. It’s the result of the bandpass output through an intentionally broken wavefolder. A circuit snippet borrowed from a guitar pedal we used to make called the Asstone. The results are devastating.

Output Buffers:
Output buffers are not usually interesting, but these have a subtle amount of built in harmonic saturation. The lowpass and highpass outputs are gently driven by a smooth JFET clipping mechanism. While the effect is mild, it helps these signals feel as present as possible.

Resonance Profile:
The resonance gets wild, but doesn’t self oscillate or run away. It is pingable, but on its own terms. Pinging the low & high outs are good for quick percussive blips. Pinging the BAD output creates abrasive techno kicks.

Condition: New

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