Noise Reap 3xVCA

Noise Reap 3xVCA

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Linear VCA trio with intuative one-knob design

3xVCA is a trio of high quality VCAs.
An intuitive one-knob design acts as both an attenuator and gain control.

One Knob (To Rule Them All!):
The single LEVEL knob acts as both an attenuator and gain control. Rotating left attenuates incoming CV enough to completely null the channel. Rotating right increases the gain until the input and output are at unity. This simple one knob design is very “playable” and encourages performative use.

Trio of Pairs:
The VCAs are built of discrete transistor “long tailed pairs”. Rather than using a specialized IC, we developed the VCA core using nothing but matched transistors and precision 0.1% components. Does this matter to the sound? Not really, but we still think it's cool!

Condition: New

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