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Knob Farm Ooots

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High quality creative master output with Tilt EQ and M/S Saturation on board.

Ooots provides a quality master output section with balanced outputs. With the Tilt EQsection you can shape the tonal balance of your output signal. Switching between the two types of Saturation circuits, you can gradually enrich the sound with harmonics or add coloration to your mix. Internal Mid/Side processing will keep a depth and accuracy of stereo image when use saturation. Dual 5-dot LED VU meter (calibrated to +4 dBu) helps to monitor the signal and indicate signal peaks. Built in headphone amplifier with independent volume control can drive almost any pair of headphones. Thanks to its compact design, quality analog circuit, balanced outputs and ultra low noise – Ooots can fit any live or studio setup.

  • convert signal from modular level to line level + 4dBu scale
  • internal Mid/Side processing for Tilt EQ and Saturation circuits to keep a depth of stereo image
  • Tilt EQ section to shape tonal balance with bypass switch
  • 2 types of Saturation circuits to enrich sound with harmonics, add coloration and glue your mix
  • saturation can be smoothly added from zero to audible distortion
  • dual 5-dot LED VU meter to monitor the signal and indicate signal peaks
  • independent headphones amplifier with separate volume control
  • 1/4" TRS balanced outputs, 1/8" stereo headphone out
  • complete analog circuit, ultra low noise
  • reversed power polarity protection
  • compact design
  • 2 mm FR4 matte black & gold front panel

Condition: Excellent, Pre-Owned

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