Folktek Conduit (Pre-Owned)

Folktek Conduit (Pre-Owned)

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Very rare handmade box by Arius Blaze

The Conduit is a symbiotic touch-based drone synthesizer based on a delay which then travels to a filter. Creating swells of oscillation that can delve into eternal noisy feedback territory as one desires. Connect to a sequencer to control the time/pitch and pull forth some powerful synthesis. The touch panel is also a CV keyboard, generating 0-5v in .5v increments.

Features: Touch pads; 8 polyphonic notes + noise + pitch: all sensitive to touch. These are synchronous with the delay, meaning delay time = oscillator pitch. All notes are tuned with one another so the pitch is a master control. Oscillation and/or incoming audio sent through on-board filter: for further manipulation. CV controllable: over delay time/master pitch (+0-5v). Touch panels generate CV: signals from +0-5v in .5v increments to control your modular gear (it's a CV keyboard). Audio input: to get your sound into some delay and filter goodness. Expect the delay to be a noisy little bastard (this is a drone synthesizer). For the cleanest effects signal possible, however, one can disconnect the touch plates and use it strictly as an effects unit for synthesizers, guitar, etc. Delay: True vintage analog sound delay. The delay goes from extremely tight to some unspecified, very long, very noisy time. The range of the time knob has been allowed to extend to incredibly long times by allowing the degradation of quality beyond a second or so, allowing the sound to get into very lo-fi and grimy territory. Filter: Single knob style low pass filter with fixed resonance allows for a nice, rich sweep. Adaptable with other Folktek works: Without sending the audio output anywhere, the oscillators will travel through the player's body and into Materia, Mentalis and/or Aether to be further manipulated. All 3.5mm jacks High quality parts, solid construction. Bamboo box with dark splines. 12v operation with included power supply

For the experimenter/designer/installation artist: This circuit has been designed to be easily removed if one desires - to be rebuilt or recreated in any number of ways if a person should choose to get creative. Connectors (headers) on the board are present for the touch points, keys, clocks, CV ins and outs, audio ins and outs, LED power, and regulated voltage outputs, etc.

This allows for anything to be wired out to anything else without ever soldering to the circuit. One could do some slight dis-assembly from the body, create a touch-based sound installation, for example, and put everything back the way it came without ever having damaged or altered the circuitry.

Additionally, for those into modifying circuits, the circuitry is easily accessible and there are plenty of ways one could reroute things.

Send touch connectors to anything metal to create new touch panels Send the point to circuit paint and create playable art works Add circuits and power them with this one circuit (12v and 9v power outputs)

Condition: Very Good, Pre-Owned

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