Flight of Harmony Famine
Flight of Harmony Famine
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Flight of Harmony Famine

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Built modules and build kits available. 

Famine is a voltage-controlled power starvation module, a teasing taste of electronic death – with the ever-present threat of the real thing. Your system will squeal, stutter, fuzz, and shriek, in new ways as you torture it while discovering the sublime joys of Schadenfreude.

Famine is capable of handling 1.5A, enough for an entire busboard of modules.

• In the All position, positive and negative rails track together using the All/+V knob and CV input and the -V knob and CV input are ignored.
• In the Split position, positive and negative are separated and controlled from their respective knob and CV input.

• In the Crush position, positive and negative mirror each other, i.e., +5V & -5V, +6V & -6V.
• In the Wrack position, positive and negative track inversely, i.e., 0v & -10V, +1V & -9V, +8V & -2V, etc.

Starve position to starve, Feed position to bypass circuit entirely.

The LEDs indicate the level of starvation and glow brightest at 0V output.


• Most effective on analog systems. Since digital is based on the principle of either on or off, there’s not much to play with there. Systems with bootup periods are particularly annoying.


Famine may destroy your system. Although commonly used, voltage starvation is a largely unstudied technique and the dangers it poses are not well known or understood, but are rumored to range from general malfunction to actual fire and catastrophic failure. Any use of this module is entirely at your own risk.

NOT RECOMMENDED with inductive or electromechanical systems. Inductive kickback has been known to be a danger to circuitry in AC power distribution systems. The currents in Eurorack are highly unlikely to cause damage, but it is a non-zero possibility.

Details, samples, updates, and discussion can be found in the Famine thread on ModWiggler.com.

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