Doepfer A-157-1 Trigger Matrix

Doepfer A-157-1 Trigger Matrix

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8x16 Trigger Sequencer Matrix

Doepfer have increased the width of their projected Trigger Sequencer by another 8HP and added four new buttons on each trigger row for Mute, Select, Shift and Invert functions.

Because of this rework, the release date for this module subsystem has now been pushed back to the end of 2014.

BTW I've added this as a new module due to it being a different width than the initial release, so that Gridders/Wigglers with racks containing the older version of the module will not encounter any problems.

POWER USAGE NOTE (from Doepfer website):
Strombedarf/Current (A-157-1/2/3):
+12V: 350 mA (all 128 LEDs of the matrix "on" and all mute and select LEDs "on" = worst case), 80 mA (all LEDs "off")
-12V: 20 mA

Condition: New

Info from ModularGrid